Benefits of stress management coaching

1. Stress management coaching is aimed at enhancing your learning by example. This means that you are asking yourself: "What would my idol say to this?" At the same time, you can use your training partners, acquaintances or colleagues as a model or just invent a person for this situation.
2. You improve your stress resistance and simultaneously your professional performance while doing stress management coaching and subsequent independent exercises, as well as during one-year working with your training partner.
3. In stress management coaching you improve your consistent and systematic ability to achieve, so that you will act more effectively. This improved efficiency helps you to achieve your goals faster in both your personal life and professional field.
4. Approximately 60 pages of coaching books for stress management were designed for you. They are presented in the form of tables. All important teaching methods are supported by these exercises. Thus, you have thematic industry questions at your disposal. They will help you to master the corresponding methods and allow you to apply the learned methods in practical situations as well as understand the methods of stress management more efficiently and quickly. These exercise tables help you to prepare a training partnership or a personal lesson. You can also find all these exercises on CD so you can print them out if you want to.

5. You will find a sample of the 10 most well-known stress management programs in the book for stress management coaching.
6. Experiencing the beginning of stress will be much easier. Furthermore, you will be able to explain what is happening to yourself.
7. You will be better and more flexible in overcoming workloads after doing stress management coaching and subsequent independent exercises, as well as during one-year working with your training partner.
8. You will perceive work and private life more positively through stress management coaching. Positive feelings also make the learning process easier.
9. You will often experience equanimity, pleasure and joy after stress management coaching.
10. You will learn how to deal with stress and relax after stress skillfully with the help of stress management coaching.
11. Thanks to stress management coaching, you will understand stressful behavior and the behavior of others better. As a result, you can skillfully deal with conflictive potentials.
12. When working on you experiencing stress, you will improve your ability to deal with people.
13. Stress management coaching will help you to change stress-causing conditions.
14. You use your abilities in the optimum way.
15. Stress management exercises will help you to prioritize better.
16. You will learn about a systematic method of action which is very similar to the method of accomplishments used by professional atletes; it is directly related to achieving goals.
17. You will know your resources better and you will fearlessly use them.
18. Numerous exercises increase your efficiency and motivation.

19. You will achieve higher creativity by using different coaching methods and resources.

20.Stress management coaching improves your competence, responsibility for your feelings, dealing with your thoughts and actions. You become less dependant on existing circumstances.

21. As a client of stress management coaching, you have the opportunity to work with a training partner for one year. If your training partner can not continue, you can change him for free.
22. There is a list of 61 types of stress-causing behavior in the second chapter of the stress management coaching book. You can quickly learn more about your own stress-causing thoughts and also formulate and practice new free thoughts and behaviors.
23. Before coaching, your stress tolerance and symptoms are tested. You will find out which of your strategies work well and which you need to improve. These tests also indicate your long-term health and how active your life is. You should repeat these tests a year after coaching in order to monitor what has improved and what you still need to train.
24. A list of transfer activities at the end of this guide gives you an overview of everything described in the book. You can always conveniently and quickly choose the necessary method from 155 transfer events.
25. By recognizing your stress-causing images in stress management, you become more tolerant and patient towards others.
26. In stress management you learn how to enjoy the process itself. The more you enjoy what you do, the less stress you have when doing work.

27. You learn effective scientific and practical methods to radically transform the initial problematic feelings into positive ones: from stress to relaxation, from fear to courage and security, from annoyance to equanimity and tranquility, from shame to self-confidence, from guilt to understanding and sympathizing with yourself, from disappointment to joy and pleasure, from depression to optimism and satisfaction!
28. Stress management helps with recognizing diseases at the earliest stages possible. Therefore, preventive measures avert illnesses and shorten the days of forced inaction.
29. Stress management creates a culture within both your company and your family, a culture of open communication regarding health loads. This way the living conditions improve dramatically.
30. You improve your decision-making ability through stress management.
31. When you start treating yourself and the environment better you improve your work and, therefore, stop wasting work resources.
32. You save time more effectively as well as have far more productive meetings. You learn to do so during problem-solving training sessions.
33. Consistency, learned in stress management, increases productivity.
34. After you learn how to handle your feelings and stress a number of complaints decreases significantly while service and customer satisfaction increase.
35. Discreet behavior at work reduces or completely excludes work-related injuries.
36. Working with you, employees get a good emotional foundation and have a better perception of the firm. This reduces staff turnover and improves identification with the organization.
37. Open and mutual discussion with loads during coaching enhances communication and teamwork at the enterprise.
38. Stress management helps to reduce the number of conflicts in the enterprise, as employees are trained to manage their own behavior and way of thinking.
39. By increasing awareness and responsibility, as well as improving self-management, you distribute assignments under the leadership better.
You will find scientific evidence for all these useful arguments in my Book on stress management coaching.

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