Interview Preparation

Do you think it is easy to work with personnel? Hear and read the same sentences hundreds of times a day. In order to stand out from among the competitors you need several things:
1. Understand your work motivation. If you have the right motivation, it is easier for you to convince the personnel officer to hire you. To do this, you must understand what your internal and external motivations are.
2. Your documents such as a CV and professional experience are your first “test” when applying for a job. This “test” should characterize you positively and consciously.
3. Add emotion to your CV. This is what sets you apart from other applicants.
4. What you indicate in your CV and professional experience testifies to your social competencies.
5. There are lots of hidden meanings. Use a specialist’s help when preparing documents for employment, this will help you avoid a lot of problems.
I will help you create unique documents for successful employment, as well as train you how to behave convincingly at the interview.
The following coaching topics are possible:
How do I look for a workplace?
What specialization suits you most?
What kind of company culture suits you?

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