Obstacles that you overcome, like a hero or a heroine

"I like your products, I would gladly do it, but probably later ..."
Do you know people who plan changes in their future, which, however, never comes? Your hero would be full of ideas here.

"I have no problems, things are going well..."
If you really know what your true vocation is, if you work on it and, at the same time,you  are calm, it is excellent! If, however, you block your perception and avoid certain situations, then this is a blockade. Avoidance is refined and really affects you in old situations. Is it what your hero would do?

"Your price is too high."
Yes, my price is not low. This increases, above all, your self-commitment. Thus, clients who are not ready to work on themselves should not register for this coaching. And it also supports you to practice the acquired knowledge further, both in the training partnership and in the subsequent coaching. So I make sure that you learn everything so well that it becomes a part of you. If you achieve all the goals in the relevant field, this service will seem a gift to you. The relevant payment is important. This way I can be free to prepare my services and give you qualified help.
 What does your hero think about it?
"Why should I choose you as a coach?"
It is no obligation! You can hire anyone on the planet. In order for you to really benefit from this decision, pay attention to a few important details:
 1. Check the "chemistry" between you and your coach. "Chemistry" in group training should not be as strong as as it should be during personal coaching. You should choose such a coach who makes you feel comfortable. Only then your learning process can be the most effective. One of the most important things to remember is that you should feel like the coach is your friend. Pay attention to what you feel while talking with your potential coach. When making a final decision, listen to both your head and your heart.
 2. Make sure that your coach does not use manipulative tricks. A good coach can justify all of his actions. They are based on scientific information.
 3. Demand that he lists the benefits and goals. You have the right to know what kind of opportunities you get. In addition, you will understand how prepared and skilled your potential coach is in the matter.
 4. Stay away from those who do everything or promise a lot. A serious coach has a maximum of five major specializations.
 5. Ask if the coach offers a solid package of literature to work with. Spending a lot of money to get several leaflets in return makes no sense.
 6. Find out how the coach makes sure that you continue working on your goals after coaching is over. He can offer you a partner with similar goals.
 7. It is important to meet your future coach before the training actually begins so inquire is this is a possibility. A first meeting in coaching and a preliminary phase in training are designed specifically for this reason. You are not contractually bound after this yet and you can make a new decision.
 8. Make sure that your coach gives you homework. This is a decidinge factor of his level and, at the same time, your profit from this service.

"Your products are not what I need! I would like for my bosses and colleagues to change! I am all right."
This is probably the most popular trap in the world!
What kind of person did not think so? Can you change other people? Try to do it. You will discover that at most you can appeal and express wishes. Do you really believe that your colleagues or bosses will change after all? Real heroes know: inflated demands to others cause great stress. Instead, heroes work on themselves: what can I do in this situation?

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