If you have a programmer, an IT-engineer or a system administrator diploma, welcome to work in Germany. It requires a readiness to learn German and a diploma confirmation. Salaries for programmers / IT-engineers vary from 4000 to 12 000 euros per month. Your salary will depend on experience and specialization.
Medical and unemployment insurance are required in order to work in Germany. The norms of labor legislation are strictly followed in Germany and you can sign a work contract while still at home. The contract signed with the employer, as well as the diploma confirmed in Germany, are the basis for issuing a visa at the embassy.
You can determine your own place of residence in Germany. Select the land (there are 16) and the city. The cost of renting and buying housing in different lands varies.
Germany is a multinational country. Create the best living conditions for yourself and your family right now!
I can help you with the following:
• Diploma verification
• Consultation on the choice of city for residence
• Looking for work
• Finding accomodation, adaptation period in Germany


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