The benefits of progressive relaxation by Jacobson

Dear readers! You have made a decision to do something about your ability to relax. You want to achieve your goals in your career and personal life more effectively, be calm and take your health into account. Yes, progressive relaxation (PR) can provide you with effective support. Imagine for a minute how calm you would like to be. These images will help you become just that. Become your role model and your hero!

Surely, you have already noticed that calm people can feel relaxed and even after difficult tasks, and do that without outside help. This is no accident. It is good if you know your signs of tension or relaxation. Do you feel that you are overdoing it? Or do you feel it only when you are tired? You will have to study these and other important abilities of your body in this book in order to master physical relaxation and learn how to turn off mentally. These abilities can be trained by any person. You will benefit greatly from this, improve your health and develop positive feelings.

An important goal of PR is learning to feel the tension more clearly. Many people do not know how to treat their body. Such people only feel strong symptoms, stress signals or illnesses. Learning to feel the needs of your body in time is a part of a healthy lifestyle and a pledge of pleasant feelings. By clearly perceiving the response signals of your body, you can treat it better and give it as much work as you need.

People can feel much better in a relaxed state. It is very important to enjoy relaxation. When people too much of themselves, even relaxation can seem unpleasant and difficult to do. We feel our own body much more clearly in a relaxed state. Therefore, if you have unpleasant sensations during relaxation, then this is a clear sign of excessive stress and demands you put on yourself. If you enjoy relaxation, this is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. Learn to do it consciously.

You will be able to put yourself in a relaxed state in various everyday situations, not only while directly practicing PR! You will learn to experience pleasant relaxation and the positive feelings associated with it at the right time, that is, regulate your tension and relaxation.

Progressive relaxation normalizes such physiological parameters as heart rate, oxygen consumption, blood pressure, respiratory rate and muscle tension within minutes. It improves electrical conductivity of the skin: skin temperature and ECG levels. (compare Derra, 2007, p. 40). Almost all these parameters can be measured by "feedback" devices. When a certain thought causes stress you can immediately see it on a computer screen in a form of increasing curves of all feedback parameters: heart rate, oxygen consumption and blood pressure increase, breathing becomes more frequent, muscle tension and skin temperature increase.

It is important to remember that there is always a two-way connection between our body and stress. With relaxed muscles, the relaxation signal reaches the appropriate switching center in the brain and the release of stress hormones immediately stops or decreases distinctly.

This condition of our body is considered vital during long times of pressure – it is the way it works. When fatigue strikes, a kind of emergency program starts, and the body begins to release stress hormones to cope with this extreme situation. The so-called. stressful thoughts make matters even worse –a person gets worked up. "The second axis" of stress, which releases cortisol, has already started and it cannot be stopped. Constant release of cortisol into the blood destroys the organs and significantly reduces bodys immunity. Progressive relaxation by Jacobson is a very effective tool in avoiding this "second axis" of stress. You will benefit greatly from studying the PR technique by Jacobson in detail. Systematic spontaneous relaxation is very quick.

A few more important remarks on PR by Jacobson: practicing PR regularly reduces physical and emotional tension. As a result, many diseases disappear. Practicing PR every day gives a sense of tranquility, a person feels satisfied and relaxed. PR also helps to increase self-confidence, reduce fear of depression. More than 140 empirical studies confirm the positive impact of regular training sessions by Jacobson on the body and mind. The PR technique by Jacobson has been studied more thoroughly than any other known relaxation method.

Progressive relaxation makes a person confident and calm. A person is ready to actively explore the world again without the load of the same problems and experiences. PR softens the symptoms without removing their causes. This means that the PR complements but does not replace stress management.

During progressive, periodic alternations of tension and relaxation, applied to all muscle groups, the muscular system relaxes first. Then it extends to thoughts, feelings, behavior and, lastly, to vegetative functions.

Another useful effect: PR decreases the level of agitation and the already present psychosomatic1 symptoms, such as stress-caused headaches, heart and vessels problems, etc. The effect obtained from stress management becomes long-lasting if combines with the PR. Shortened versions of PR are used as emergency measures in emergency stress situations.

After thoroughly studying PR, you will be able to deal with tension better.

By practicing the PR you will develop a better ability to relax and control your workload. You will develop stress-resistance.

PR is a great way to deal with stress-causing thinking patterns.

Acquiring deep knowledge is often possible only in a relaxed state of mind (cf. Mueller / Braun, 2009a, p. 75), since parts of the brain which are responsible for gaining experience and knowledge are not available in a stressful state. Also, memory works much better in a relaxed state (compare Bernstein / Borkovec, 1990, p. 29).

Progressive relaxation will help you to relax much deeper than you have ever achieved. Therefore, PR cannot be replaced by sleeping or simply resting on the couch, etc. Such rest also calms you down, of course, but the effect of PR is much deeper, extensive and long-lasting.

You get a more realistic idea about yourself by practicing PR (compare Wendland, 2005, p. 25). A relaxed person has clear perception of himself and the world around, and the more clearly we perceive our own behavior and state, the more opportunities we have to positively influence them.

After studying PR, you will be able to cope with everyday difficult situations in a better way. If a person can relax in such situations, he feels better, more confident and his actions are more calculated. Thanks to relaxation, his reactions are flexible, his abilities are more effectively mobilized. Therefore, PR is purposefully applied in order to cope with difficult situations better.

Observing yourself during PR, you will notice that a pleasant state of relaxation, nervousness or fear cannot appear at the same time. These two opposites are incompatible. This is the main advantage of PR: negative feelings can be reduced or turn off completely. Get rid of unpleasant thoughts and feelings with the help of the PR! Relax in order to be calmer and to achieve your goals easily!

Mastering PR will help you perceive your body better. Many people do not even realize how stressed they get. Having mastered the PR, you will discover an important source of knowledge and experience. After stepping onto this path, a person can clearly perceive the signals of his body as well as feelings. PR helps to identify the very first signs of exhaustion or tension and to eliminate them at an early stage. A clearer perception of your own body and the world around gives you more opportunities for self-determination in your actions.

Progressive relaxation is often associated with autogenic training, which was once a much more famous method than PR. Now it is well-known that PR has significant advantages over autogenic training: you can see the effect of PR after a few weeks of training while the result of     autogenic training will be seen in around 4 months. Many people give up doing autogenic training for this very reason. Mastering and applying PR is much easier for many people. There are relaxation formulas in modern PR methods, which were previously applied in autogenic training only. The term "relaxation word" is also used., Typical formulations are used in autogenic training, like "I am calm and relaxed" or "my right hand becomes warm and heavy." In PR, they say "the right hand is relaxed." As you can see, everything is very similar. Understanding PR at a muscular level only is outdated now. Modern PR is constantly evolving, absorbing new methods in order to provide more effective relaxation.

You train your brain functions on the delta-, theta- and beta- wave frequency by training your ability to relax. You improve your brain function, become calmer and healthier through PR. Progressive relaxation will help you to regulate hormonal exchange in the brain.

Progressive relaxation by Jacobson means personal and individual benefit for everybody. Contact me and we will discuss and find your personal goals and possibilities applying PR so that you can benefit from this technique as much as possible. Become calmer. Be your hero!

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